• Birthday, Sold Photo, and Bike Crash

    Yesterday was my birthday, so I was kind of hoping that my day will go smoothly. It did start smoothly, because I managed to sell my first photo ever to a nice woman, who wanted to surprise her 1 year old niece and niece’s parents. Read more...
  • Julia sets

    I recently rewrote my Julia set grapher from C to JavaScript so I could have a more interactive version of the program, with which I could play on the go and showcase it online. You can find the online version here, if you wish to try it out. Read more...
  • New job

    A few days ago (on 23rd of February), I started a new job. After a few months of seemingly unsuccessful job hunting, I finally started working as a programmer again. As much as working in a bike store was a nice experience, I felt like I am forgetting everything I’ve ever learned about programming. It was making me anxious, because I didn’t know, if I’m even capable of doing it professionally ever again. Read more...
  • Migration to Jekyll

    As you can see, I finally migrated to Jekyll. What’s also new is that I simplified the design a bit, and the whole thing is now responsive. There is still some work left to do, but major stuff is done. I’m really excited about the change, because I got to work with something new, and I learned a lot along the way. Yay for Jekyll! Read more...

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