Yesterday was my birthday, so I was kind of hoping that my day will go smoothly. It did start smoothly, because I managed to sell my first photo ever to a nice woman, who wanted to surprise her 1 year old niece and niece’s parents.

It’s a photo from last year (taken on 12.8.2016) of Perseid meteor shower, and she bought it for two reasons: she really loved the photo and her niece was born on the day the photo was taken. Magical. You can see the photo right here, by the way.

I also got a birthday cake at work from my co-workers, which was really nice of them.

But then things were starting to get complicated: Clients were getting nervous all of a sudden, so I couldn’t finish as early as I wanted to, which meant I couldn’t take my girlfriend out to grab an ice cream.

Once I finally got to pack my laptop, get on my bike and ride home, a disaster happened: a pack of stupid brats ran directly in front of my bike and across the bike lane, so I had to react quickly which made me crash. I tore the skin of my left arm, and got some huge bruises on my left leg. Shorts protected the skin, but they’re destroyed now.

The situation got a bit better when I came home, because the riding jersey I ordered a few days ago arrived, and my parents invited my girlfriend and I over for a very lovely dinner, and more cake.

So I have to get a new pair of shorts today, and see how much my body will ache, but no matter: I still have a lot of cake to comfort me.